Monday, April 13, 2009

A Journey of Healing....

The story for this week is an adult who graduated the program and has completely turned their life around. They now live a live drug free and are very grateful to Odyssey House. We are, as always, grateful for their willingness to share...

"A Journey of Healing"
B.M. Salt Lake City, Utah

I feared growing up and responsibility. I never saw myself being able to achieve a life of meaning. I had so much pain from my older brother telling me that I wouldn't amount to much, and drugs made me believe that. I had to develop a new image of myself and new self-confidence. This began with me being able to look people in the eyes. I hurt a lot of people and had no idea how my actions had impacted them. I can honestly say today, that I have the ability to live life on life's terms. In my past, I was never able to do that. That was a major reason for my drug use. I still have struggles today, but I know that as long as I stay sober, they will pass. I know many people that are willing to support me and that I can rely on them.

Today I am a role model. Integrity and sobriety are high on my priority list. I am also able to work through my desire to always get things when I want them - I know that I need to work for them and it is sometimes a slow process and that I need to be patient. I am so grateful that I can live this new life. Some people never get this lucky. I learned so much at Odyssey House.

22, F
Salt Lake City, Utah

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