Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Information on Vocational Treatment

Odyssey House’s Adult Residential Treatment Program focuses its efforts on aiding individuals with severe substance abuse problems, mental health issues, and criminal histories. At Odyssey House we realize that it is not only addiction that must be addressed but a holistic approach to recovery must include job training, skills development, and appropriate socialization.
Odyssey House has expanded the Community Re-entry phase of treatment for those individuals who are close to successfully completing treatment. This is where we can provide a benefit to you and your organization. We can provide individuals to work in your organization or company; these are individuals who will still be involved in treatment and will be expected to fulfill their job duties as a requirement of completing treatment.

The benefit to you is having employees who will arrive at work daily, on time, and drug and alcohol free. Your organization will also be exempt from providing Workers Compensation benefits or FICA deductions as they will be covered by Odyssey House. All compensation will be applied towards treatment to both cover treatment expenses and allow these individuals to develop responsibility and job skills.

We see this program as a great opportunity to provide benefits all the way around and achieve much needed stability to individuals who will soon re-enter the community.


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