Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Profile of Change: Meet Sarah

This week's story features Sarah, a client of the Adolescent Residential Program. It is always heartwarming to see an adolescent successfully turn their life around and learn to live a healthy life. Her story prior to entering treatment is like so many others...*

Meet Sarah...
Before coming to Odyssey, my life was complete chaos. I spent all of my time chasing after my next high, whether it was sex, drugs/selling drugs, or stealing. My coping skills to manage my emotions were cutting myself, getting high and/or drunk, having sex with someone, or engaging in other high-risk behaviors. I was failing at school. I was constantly fighting with my family and running away from home. I would lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, or perform to get what I wanted. In treatment I have learned that I am worthwhile, I can have a successful future, and there is more to life than the streets. After fourteen months of doing the hard work, my future consists of sobriety, safety, education, success, and being a part of my family.

--Sarah, 17
Salt Lake City, Utah
Odyssey House Client

*Some elements of story were changed to promote client confidentiality